The Art of Colour Placement

Many of the interiors we see today are extremely beautiful in shape and form, but have a distinctive lack of colours and patterns. This is unfortunate because your home should be a place of personal expression and delight.

With the arrival of autumn we want to invite you to take a look at your living space and think adding a little excitement. One of the easiest and most effective ways of changing a lounge or living space is to introduce an exciting rug on the floor.

HOW: Have a think about what it is that you love – is it a particular colour, luscious textures, an exotic culture, an artistic style or maybe even a memorable era in time. All of these things can be brought into your home decoratively to improve your mood and create an environment that is really stimulating.

WHAT: The best way to achieve this affordability, is with carefully selected soft furnishings (rugs, cushions, curtains and bedspreads). These are the best items for playful expression as they can be changed easily and the range available is tremendously diverse.

To make sure your new look is a success you may need to give up on some of your older items so that you don’t create a clash. Simplistic base items are very easy to work with – a plain lounge suite, timber features and neutral walls, but it gets more difficult with existing bold features and more specialized selections will be needed.

WHERE: The next step is to source your new feature products. This is where local Interior Designer, Eileen Middleton can help. She has access to all of the latest designer products and can not only help you select the perfect pieces, but make sure your getting them at the right price.

Here are just a few examples of rugs and cushions, feel free to come in to the studio and see what’s available.

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