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Soft Furnishing Fabric Selections – Window Treatment Fabric Selections – Fabric Selection Creative Presentation

How does the Window Treatments & Soft Furnishings service work?

Soft furnishings create a layer of comfort and warmth, as well as offering aesthetic and practical benefits.
Soft furnishings include window treatments, cushions, rugs, and throws that can transform your space to a mood of your preference. Good consideration given to the soft furnishing selections alongside your furniture pieces will lead to a coordinate and a cohesive interior space. If you also have any specific concerns with how light penetrates through your windows or if you would like to simply give your windows a fresh look, our staff can undertake an initial site visit to take window measurements and determine the best suited window treatment and fabric options for the space needed. To ensure everything is stress-free, a final check measure of the clients windows will be undertaken by our installers prior to fabric ordering and the engagement of our manufacturers. After receiving a brief from our clients and on viewing their plans or site photos we can ascertain the approach for the selection of soft furnishings and the scope of services required. All projects are assessed on an individual basis.


  • Client meetings 3 x 2 hours
  • 2D Presentation displaying the recommended fabrics alongside existing or new furniture pieces located in the same room. This includes description of each piece and prices for all items
  • Consultation for types of window treatment, fabric preference & colour coordination
  • Discussion to ensure that all fabrics & window treatment solutions meet the client’s requirements, preferred style and budget
  • Liaison with installers and manufacturers
  • Arranging all deliveries and installation upon client’s confirmation


  • 2D Visual Presentation of soft furnishing


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