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Master Bedroom – Walk in Robe – Guest Bedroom Robe – Standard Bedroom Robe

How does the rOBE Design service work?

Robe design is becoming more important as a result of our busy lifestyles. Whether a new home, renovation or apartment living, space seems to be at a premium and to ensure success the design approach needs to take advantage of every millimeter for; full height and half height hanging, shoe storage, shelving for hats, bags and odds & ends. After receiving a brief from our clients and on viewing their plans or site photos we can ascertain the approach for the robe areas and the scope of services required. All projects are assessed on an individual basis.


  • Client meetings 3 x 2 hours
  • Robe cabinetry drawings
  • Consultation for function of the spaces to arrive at the best layout & storage concepts
  • Discussion for full height & half hanging, open shelving, hats, ties & shoe storage, and long-term storage
  • Integrate lighting if required and specify a ladder to access long term storage
  • 3D Perspective is optional at $660
  • CAD Drawings & appropriate details to 1:20 scale
  • Plan views, Elevations, and necessary details
  • Electrical notation will be shown including GPO’s and cabinetry lighting


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