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Eileen has built a substantial reputation with her team of designers who work in high value residential and commercial developments.
The team’s capability and capacity includes extensive experience in residential and commercial design that has attracted a client list that includes architects, developers, designer home builders and individuals alike.

The expertise of our design team encompasses Interior Design, Building Design and Architecture. We offer a broad spectrum of services to our clients, for their projects.

"I love transforming spaces and creating an environment that my clients love to be in. A space that inspires them, functions really well and supports their lifestyle."


BBE Interior Design (QUT)

Our CEO and leading Interior Designer, Eileen Middleton, is a multi-award winning and knowledgeable director. With a Bachelors of Built Environment – Interior Design and a Diploma in Building Design Eileen has inspired many clients over her 20 years involvement in design and construction.

Revered by many well-known local builders and trades that collaborate with her to complete clients work to quality standards. Eileen has fully embraced her passion by creating a soulful design studio and showroom. It has become a meeting point that has helped her build a successful business based on great relationships with clients and collaborators. Eileen has been able to enjoy creating innovative spaces for her clients that both herself and her clients are honoured to stand behind.

From design concept through to construction and installation of furniture and soft furnishings, Eileen is driven by her desire to make sure that every aspect of each project is completed to perfection and to the satisfaction of her clients. Travelling – throughout Europe, France Germany, Italy to cabinet making firms, fittings & material manufacturers and tile manufactures has given Eileen a unique insight into products and new design trends that are only available through experience. Eileen has always been a great mentor to her team and dedicated to new technology to express their design talent.


Abbi’s fascination with the world of design and all things creative started at an early age. This creative interest fuelled her excitement when, after just graduating from high school, an opportunity arose at Interiority Interior Design Consulting. Being a sideline artist, Abbi naturally fell into her new role. Pan to current day, nearly 6 years later, Abbi manages logistics, accounts and marketing while assisting the designers with fixture, finishes and furniture selections. Abbi’s specialty, and favourite role, being the compilation of these selections in creative design presentations using various graphic design programs.

Abbi has fully embraced her many facets and roles in our office. As a creative design assistant and an administrator Abbi works closely with our clients, suppliers, and manufacturers. Our quaint Buderim showroom is Abbi’s refuge, one in which she is very proud to work at and one in which she happily takes responsibility for ‘keeping up its appearance’.

"My specialty is the compilation of furniture selections in creative design presentations."

"My design passions, and desire to explore colour, transitioned me into the world of residential interior design"


M. Arch (UM), BBE Arch (UQ)

Annie is our CAD extraordinaire who, in her twenties, has a very impressive resume with experience in many aspects of the design industry. Following graduation from UQ with a bachelor’s in architecture, Annie gained invaluable experience working at a popular Brisbane Architecture firm before pursuing her master’s in architecture at the University of Melbourne. Through her extensive study, Annie became cultured in all stages of architecture. Her favourite phase been that of interior detail drawing and cabinetry.

After years of architectural involvement, Annie’s design passions, and desire to explore colour, transitioned her into the world of residential interior design. Amidst her Interior Design Diploma, Annie was given the opportunity to put into practice her studying when she took on her role at Interiority. As the newest edition to the design team, Annie has proven to be an invaluable, efficient member and a great in-house Master of Graphic Design creating realistic visions of our client’s projects.