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Interior Fireplaces – Exterior Fireplaces – Small, Medium, Large Entertainment Units

How does the Entertainment Units and Fireplaces Design service work?

Televisions and entertainment units often become the focal point of a room and they can play a huge role in defining the living space. Whether your TV size is big or small, it is crucial to work out the right proportions for the entertainment unit, and also consider organisation solutions for it to house your specific equipment and items (such as board games and DVDs). Fireplaces are now also becoming more common to be part of the entertainment unit, which can dramatically improve the atmosphere of your room. Considering the style of your home, we can consult and liase with the experienced suppliers and consultants to specify the perfect fireplace to be integrated with our cabinetry design. After receiving a brief from our clients and on viewing their plans or site photos we can ascertain the approach for the entertaimet units and the scope of services required. All projects are assessed on an individual basis.


  • Client meetings 3 x 2 hours
  • Entertainment unit & Fireplace cabinetry drawings
  • Consultation to work out the best layout & storage solutions for client’s media equipment
  • Discussion for appropriately sized open shelving, drawers, and cabinetry
  • Research fireplace options and its placement within the room
  • Liaison with the fireplace consultant to arrive at an effective technical resolution
  • Integrate lighting if required
  • Consultation on colours and finishes
  • 3D Perspective is optional at $660
  • CAD Drawings & appropriate details to 1:20 scale
  • Plan views, Elevations, and necessary details
  • Electrical notation will be shown including GPO’s and cabinetry lighting.


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