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Light & Open for the Sunshine Coast Hinterland


Kitchen design, including consultation on storage concepts. Design layout, considering circulation between adjacent spaces and the design approach for the primary functions relating to preparation benches, cleaning, cooking and storage zones. Lighting plans were also provided.



  White kitchen cabinetry became a beautiful backdrop which highlighted the feature timbers of the floor and dining table. The style was to remain sophisticated, classy yet understated which we achieved through the selection of a marble with subtle grain detail. Our team utilised spatial planning strategies to ensure efficiency when cooking and selected drawer organisation in specific areas to make cooking much more enjoyable. 

This kitchen showcased major transformation through the new space layouts, the redesign of cabinetry and the selections of finishes. The kitchen featured a new open plan with bifold windows to allow for visual connection with the stunning view of Mapleton. As a result, this kitchen became the heart of the home and a gathering area for our client’s family and friends.