Culturally Abundant Design

An interior designer’s passion may be seen as a simple enthusiasm for aesthetics, but many will tell you it is much deeper than that. It is often derived from a cultural sensibility; a desire to connect to the world through self expression, link cultures and integrate global trends creatively.

Having worked in the industry for over 12 years now I can easily say that this is one of the most exciting aspects of my work, providing me with a sense of connection to the rest of the world. I find that the Australian market is extremely exciting in this regard as our multi-cultural identity has opened us up to great diversity in design, with a huge range of influences and interesting blends. Being on the Sunshine Coast many of my clients are drawn to the contemporary beach style homes, but also have a connection or attraction to a particular cultural style that gives their design an interesting twist and a unique ‘fusion’ is often formed. French country chic, Italian modernism, Japanese innovation and African vibrancy are all fused together in Australian design and a unique identity has emerged.

This fusion of styles is effectively created by designing the overall space in the dominant style (beach contemporary) in a well thought-out, simplistic way that is often quite neutral in its detailing. This then becomes the perfect canvas for creating the secondary cultural mood, bringing in a world of colour, pattern and texture through intelligent layering of furniture and decor’ items.

The internet has enabled us limitless access to the global market and it is easy for clients to pour over an amazing array of imagery, conjuring up the perfect combination of influences in their mind. But it is not so easy to blend and fuse these ideas into a practical built environment, and that’s where we step in, taking the collage of inspirations and desires and turning them into a reality. After just one meeting with a client I am able to read into their personality and intuitively sense what they need, I can visualise them in their perfect space; a space that makes them shine and brings the right mood into their surroundings; a unique projection of their personality, needs and cultural attractions

The diversity in interior design has led to the availability of a mass of designer products and while it is very exciting to have treasures from abroad, the danger of this open access to the world market is quality control. Now days there is a huge range of items available from overseas and we have had countless customers seeking our expertise after being disappointed by quality or simply confused by the extent and variety available. Often when people take on a design task alone the extensive variety of products available to them will result in one of two outcomes – they will be too scared to take risks and will end up with a flat, plain interior, or they will buy many attractive individual pieces that are beautiful in their own right but do not come together to form an effective mood with distinctive cultural impact. A balance of simple and exuberant layers needs to be formed for an effective design result. At Designer’s Digest we have taken the time to filter out the riff raff and group items by style to help you stay on track, offering a range that is unique in style, high in quality and culturally abundant. Our online catalogue has been developed by a professional team of accredited interior designers from a variety of cultural backgrounds – working locally on the Sunshine Coast, thinking globally online. We welcome you to use Designer’s Digest to get inspired, shop online or contact us for design advice to help you achieve an impressive and effective design outcome.

Designer’s Digest –

Written by Kate Marsh