Breathe Life Into Living Areas

Adding personality through the use of interior design can make the difference between a house and a home. A new home will often need warmth. This can be achieved through bold contemporary colours or almost primitive-looking bowls and embellishments, such as vases or ottomans that have an unusual shape. I look for items that have a personality as the look can easily become boring if you play it too safe. A lot of people go to a furniture shop and they end up making these safe choices, but once they get their purchases into their home their house looks the same as everyone else’s. Be clever about your selection and create a mood with cushions, ottomans, consuls and dining tables. To create a mood and an environment that you want to live in you need to project your personality.

Before you speak to a designer put together a scrap book to get your message across of what style you are after. If you are a husband and wife and are totally opposite in what you want, as I often see, an interior designer can provide a workable solution that follows both your tastes. You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to create a distinct mood or atmosphere. Selecting specific walls to feature with paint or wallpaper and purchasing some furniture items or décor items can easily create that mood you are after. You may have some existing art work that needs a consul below it or an impressive vase can attract the eye to a beautiful space. Purchasing another couple of pieces of furniture that make a definite style statement can reinforce what the home owner has set out to do.